Sparkling Acoustic Guitar and Soft Strings

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The sparkling acoustic guitar strums are accompanied by soft strings, creating a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. A relaxing and serene ambiance for meditations and other relaxation products.

Add soft, sparkling acoustic guitar to your tracks with this beautifully sampled instrument.

The Acoustic Guitar Collection is a library of pristine, deep-sampled acoustic guitars. We recorded a Taylor 814ce and a Martin 00-18 in our studio and captured every detail of these guitars’ sound, from the bright and airy to the dark and warm.

With several articulations, various fret noises and body knocks and close mics on each guitar, you have all the tools you need to create authentic strumming patterns or realistic finger-picked performances. If you’re looking for other sounds, we’ve included some custom presets that go beyond what’s possible with a real guitar.

The Acoustic Guitar Collection is perfect for TV, film scores, games and songwriting.

Acoustic guitar and strings. Introspective, mellow and romantic. Great for romantic drama or narrative.

This Acoustic Guitar is brand new and in mint condition. It is set up perfectly, plays easily and sounds great. The action is low with no buzz and the intonation is spot on. This guitar comes with a pick guard already installed.

The neck is straight, frets are perfect and the finish is beautiful on this guitar. The case has no rips, tears or damage of any kind. This guitar plays like a dream!

The Acoustic guitar is a hollow-bodied guitar, which means that the center of the body of the instrument is hollow. This gives it a very warm and rich tone. The strings are attached to the bridge of the guitar, which transmits their vibrations to the top of the instrument. The body of the acoustic guitar provides a resonating chamber that amplifies the sound coming from the strings.

The Acoustic Guitar Library has been completely recorded with two different sets of microphones. First, each note has been recorded with a pair of Neumann KM 184 condenser microphones placed in an ORTF (X-Y) position on axis with the fretboard. Second, we have also recorded each note with two ambient microphones placed behind and above the neck, in an attempt to capture every single nuance and timbre of this unique instrument.

The library includes two different playing styles: one is more suitable for short notes, while the other one is better for longer ones. Each style contains up to five different round-robin samples for each note to avoid repetition artifacts.

The Acoustic Guitar is a part of the String family. It features 3 microphone positions and 4 round robin variations for each mic position.

The close and the mid mic positions have been recorded with a Neumann U87, while the far mic position was recorded with a Rode K2.

The Acoustic Guitar was created by Eduardo Tarilonte, who is also known for his libraries such as Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World or Shevannai – The Voice Of Elves.

This is a soft piece of music. The guitar, strings and percussion play together very nicely with a beautiful melody. The song is relaxed and hopeful. It has a “feel good” vibe that would be great for any advertisement, commercial or corporate video.

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