The Humbucker Pickup Family

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The Humbucker Pickup Family: A blog about all things humbucker.

Welcome to the Humbucker Pickup Family, a blog about all things humbucker. This site is the result of years of research and experimentation into the elusive and magical world of humbucking pickups. From their early beginnings to modern day, we’ll cover all aspects of these amazing devices that help to give guitarists their signature tone.

We’ll cover all aspects of the pickup from the earliest days in Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory, to modern manufacturing techniques. We’ll look at how pickups are wound and what affects their sound. We’ll talk about how you can modify your existing pickups or harness some of the fantastic pickups that are available today.

Welcome to the world of Humbucker pickups, a place where the funk is deep and the tone is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. While humbuckers may be named after their ability to cancel out hum, they are also known for their fatter, warmer sound that can range from sweet and mellow to hot and aggressive. As the Humbucker Pickup Family, we aim to explore every corner of this unique instrument accessory, from its history and origins to its present day innovations, with a focus on the most popular pickup brands like Gibson and Fender.

We will share with you our knowledge on all things humbucker from learning about different pickup formats such as single coil versus humbucker to tips on choosing the best pickup for your particular style of music. We will also provide you with reviews on some of the best pickup brands available today as well as tips for picking out your next humbucker pickup. Let us help you find your perfect fit!

If you’re looking for information on how to choose the right humbucker for your guitar or bass or just want some input on which ones sound best in a certain genre, we’ve got it covered! The Humbucker Pickup Family is here to help!

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Like most guitar players, I have a passion for guitars and pickups. My first guitar was a Gibson SG Special with P-90s and my first humbucker was a Gibson ’57 Classic. Over the years, I have owned hundreds of guitars and have tried just about every brand of pickup on the market. And while I was doing this, I was working on my degree in physics which helped me to understand how pickups work.

Now, I own a small business where we build custom humbuckers by hand. And I’m here to tell you that not all pickups are created equal; there is a huge difference between what is available on the market today. So I created this site to help you learn more about the differences between pickups, and how to choose the best one for yourself.

Here are some basic facts about the Humbucker Pickup family.

There are two types of humbucker pickups: single coil and double coil. Each type has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

A single coil pickup is made up of one coil wrapped around a magnet. The single coil pickup has a bright sound with a lot of treble and very little bass.

A double coil or humbucker pickup is made up of two coils wrapped around a magnet. The humbucker pickup has a darker sound with more midrange, less treble and less bass than the single coil version.

The humbucker pickup was invented by Seth Lover in 1955 for Gibson guitars. It was named after its ability to eliminate the 50/60 cycle hum that was common in early electric guitars.

Humbuckers come in many different styles and shapes, but the most common are the soap bar shape and the dog ear shape. You can buy them already mounted on a guitar or you can buy them separately to put on your own guitar.

There are many different types of humbuckers, and it’s important to understand how they work if you want to get the most out of your pickups.

Humbuckers are designed to mimic the sound of a single-coil pickup, but with a little more gain. They are usually placed in the middle or neck position of your guitar, although some models feature a split coil design that allows you to use them in both positions. A split coil is often referred to as a “humbucking” pickup because it produces a hum when played through an amplifier with an electronic device called a “hum canceling circuit.”

The term “humbucker” comes from the fact that these pickups were originally designed for use on electric guitars with humbucking coils, such as Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters. These electric guitars have two single-coil pickups (one at each end) that are wired together so that they cancel out any unwanted noise caused by electromagnetic interference between them.

In addition to being quieter than their single-coil counterparts, humbuckers also produce a warmer tone due to their construction which uses two coils instead of one. This makes them ideal for producing thick, fat sounds like those found in heavy metal music or blues

Humbuckers are the most popular type of electric guitar pickup. They come in a variety of shapes, sounds and sizes. Most people have never even seen a humbucker, let alone handled one, however there are many types out there. The main difference between the different types is that some have more magnets than others, which results in different tone and output. We will go over some of the differences below:

The most common type of humbucker is a 2 magnet type. These have two magnets on each side of the coil, so a total of 4 magnets per pickup. These are typically found in Fender guitars like Telecasters and Stratocasters. They produce a bright tone and can easily be distinguished by their bright top end sparkle sound when played through distortion!

The next most popular type is the 3 magnet type. These also have four magnets on each side of the coil, but they’re arranged differently to create an almost identical sound as the 2 magnet pickups. The only difference between these two types is that they both use three coils instead of two. This means you’ll get more sustain and more low end out of your tone when playing with distortion!

The last type we’ll cover here today is called “dual-coil”, or

Humbucker Pickup

The Humbucker was invented by the legendary guitarist and inventor of the solid body electric guitar, Les Paul. He wanted to create a pickup that would eliminate hum while delivering a tone with more power, warmth and richness than single coil pickups. The humbucker, which is actually two single coil pickups connected together in series, is wound so that it cancels out the interference caused by 60-cycle AC current. The result was a pickup that delivered a big sound without much noise.

Since the dawn of rock and roll in the 1950s, the humbucker has been one of the most popular pickup configurations in music. From its original use in jazz guitars, the humbucker evolved into an essential component of rock guitars through its introduction to Les Paul’s guitars in the late 1950s. The humbucker has gone on to become standard equipment for many styles of music including blues, funk, punk and heavy metal as well as being used by some of the most famous guitarists in history including Keith Richards, Tony Iommi and Slash.

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