The Dangers of Dropping a Guitar Pick

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It is a little known fact that dropping a guitar pick can be highly dangerous. This article will go into detail about how to avoid dropping guitar picks, and the terrible consequences of droping one.

Section 1: The Dangers of Dropping a Guitar Pick

The first step to avoiding dropping guitar picks is to learn of their dangers. Consider this scenario: You are on stage, playing a solo in front of thousands of people. You are so concentrated that you accidentally drop your pick. It falls about two feet, but it may as well have dropped two miles. You have lost all concentration, and you will never get it back. In an instant, your career is over. After that show, no one will ever come see you again. Your band has no choice but to fire you, and they will continue on without you (and do just fine). You try to start up a new band, but without that old band’s name recognition, you eventually become destitute and end up eating out of trash cans behind concert halls. All because you dropped a guitar pick.

Section 2: How to Avoid Dropping Guitar Picks

There are several ways to avoid dropping guitar picks. If possible, attach your guitar pick to your hand with rubber cement or

Dropping a guitar pick is more than just an accident. It can produce a variety of potentially dangerous consequences, both for you and for those around you.

In this article we will outline these dangers and recommend precautions you can take to ensure the safety of yourself, your guitar, your bandmates and audience members.

Damage to Guitar

Guitars are sensitive instruments that require care and maintenance in order to function properly. In addition, they are also very expensive to repair or replace. A dropped pick could cause irreparable damage to your guitar, potentially costing you hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros. In some cases it has even been known to cause electric shock (see below).

The risk is even greater if your guitar has a floating bridge: dropping a pick in between the strings can knock the bridge out of alignment, requiring costly equipment adjustment and possibly damaging the electronics themselves.

Dropping a guitar pick is bad. It makes you look amateurish, and no one wants to see that. It also makes us feel bad about ourselves, and it can ruin our self-esteem for days.

But the real danger of dropping a guitar pick is that it can lead to dropping the guitar, which is even worse.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but in some cases people have dropped both their guitars and their picks, never to be seen again. They then have to go out and buy new guitars and new picks, which obviously no one wants to do.

To avoid this tragedy, remember these tips:

1. Look at your hand before you move it.

2. Remember where your hand is in relation to the rest of your body.

3. Don’t move your hand unless you know what it’s doing.

Dropping a guitar pick is a very serious problem. It happens way too often.

I’m not talking about the guitar picks that fall out of your hand while strumming. I’m talking about the ones that you drop during guitar solos. Or, even worse, the ones that you’re about to throw into the air and catch in your mouth, but somehow miss the catch and end up falling on the floor.

The most common mistake people make is just trying to pick it up off the floor without thinking about it first. This is dangerous because there can be thousands of germs crawling around on your guitar picks and you could get sick if you don’t wash your hands afterwards. That’s why it’s important to always carry hand sanitizer with you at all times so when something like this happens; you’re prepared.

Guitar picks are about the size of a quarter. They look kind of like fingernails, but made of plastic instead of keratin. They’re used by guitarists to pluck and strum strings, producing musical notes. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to suit each guitarist’s individual preferences.

Guitar picks can be dropped pretty easily. Sometimes they will fly out of your hand while you’re playing. Other times they will just fall out of your pocket as you’re walking around. Once they hit the ground, there’s no telling where they’ll go!

This is why it’s important not to drop your guitar pick! Here are some tips on how not to drop it:

– Make sure your hands are dry (no sweat or oil) before using a pick. This will help grip it better and reduce slipping.

– Hold onto the pick with all four fingers instead of just two or three; this makes it less likely that one finger will let go when you don’t want them too!

– Place two picks in one hand if needed – this allows for more control over both objects at once while still being able to use all four fingers on each pick.

Dropping a guitar pick is dangerous. It’s happened to me, and it will happen to you. The instant you see the pick fall out of your hand, you’ll know: I’m going to have to stop playing now, and try to find that pick again.

Why is this so serious? Well, firstly, you’ll have to stop playing. Your bandmates will be looking at you like “What are you doing?” because it’s clear that this situation is completely in your control and they don’t know why you’ve let it happen. Secondly, it’s very hard to find a guitar pick. They’re probably not visible on stage lights, but if they are – well, someone else could have picked it up by the time you spot it!

The worst thing about dropping a guitar pick is how avoidable the situation is. There are many ways to prevent this from happening:

1. Use a strap lock on your guitar so that when the inevitable happens and your strap breaks off, your guitar will still be attached to your body and the pick will still be in your hand.

2. Get one of those straps with an integrated pocket for picks – problem solved!

3. Carry extra picks with you at all times so that if one

The guitar pick is a small, yet precious thing. It is an object of great value to many, and without it, a guitarist may find it difficult to play their instrument.

One would think that such an invaluable item would be protected with the utmost care. One would think that it would be handled delicately, and kept in a safe place at all times. One would think.

However, this is not always the case. The guitar pick is too often taken for granted. It is treated with carelessness and disrespect by many guitarists who do not understand its true worth.

I have seen guitar picks used as toothpicks by musicians who should know better. I have seen guitar picks thrown across stages in fits of carelessness and immaturity. I have seen guitar picks dropped on beer-soaked floors of unappreciative venues with no regard for the unsanitary conditions into which they fall. This is a travesty!

I implore you! Do not drop your guitar pick! It will most likely land on the floor somewhere, where it is sure to be lost forever in the mess of spilled beer, broken glass, cheap cigarettes, and vomit left behind by the previous band’s fans. If you must drop it (which you

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