The Best Left Handed Guitar Reviews and Recommendations

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The best left handed guitar reviews and recommendations. Written by a lefty, for lefties.

Left Handed Guitar Blog

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The Best Left Handed Guitar Reviews And Recommendations!

Are you looking for the best left handed guitar reviews and recommendations?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you’ll find our top 5 choices for left handed guitars, along with detailed reviews of each one, to help you make the best decision possible.

Of course, if you’re a lefty, there are many more challenges to finding a good guitar than there are for righties. The biggest challenge is that most guitars aren’t made for left-handed people (right-handed people make up about 95% of the population worldwide), so most guitars will have to be bought without any actual testing first (don’t worry though, we’ve done all the testing and research necessary and we’ve got you covered!). And while many guitars can be made playable by lefties by simply flipping them over, this isn’t always an ideal solution since it can make it more difficult to play due to string buzz and fret wear.

Left Handed Guitar Reviews and Recommendations

The Best Left Handed Guitars

We’ve reviewed the best left handed guitars, so you don’t have to.

Best Overall Left Handed Guitar – PRS SE Custom 24 (LH)

The Best Affordable Left Handed Guitar – Epiphone Les Paul Special II

The Best High-End Left Handed Guitar – Gibson Les Paul Standard 2018 (LH)

Best Overall Left Handed Acoustic – Martin DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic

The Best Budget Left Handed Acoustic – Cordoba C3M Concert Acoustic

Best Electric-Acoustic Left Handed Guitar – Seagull S6 Original Q1T (LH)

Best High-End Left Handed Acoustic – Taylor 214ce DLX Grand Auditorium

Best Jazz Box Style Left Handed Electric – Ibanez George Benson GB10 Hollowbody

Best Semi-Hollow Body Style Lightweight Lefty Guitar – Yamaha SA2200 Semi-Hollowbody Electric

What To Look For In a Good Quality, Comfortable, and Playable Guitar For Southpaws?

We are living in a world where there are many things that are left handed for the comfort of the people who are left handed. In this world, we have so many things that are made exclusively for them. So, why not guitars? There are so many guitar manufacturers that support left-handed people by making guitars especially for them.

Lucky for you, I am a left-handed guitarist and I have tried a lot of those lefty guitars. That is how I came to the idea to write this blog. This blog will be your source of information about all the best left handed guitars available in the market right now with reviews and recommendations.

I hope you will find this blog helpful and if you really do, please spread the word. Have fun!

Are you left handed and looking to buy a new guitar?

Have you had it with “Lefty” models that look like someone took a regular guitar, flipped it over and wrote “Lefty” on the headstock?

If so, this blog is for you.

We are lefties just like you. We love guitars. And we want our guitars to be the best they can be. We’ve spent years researching guitars and played them at every music store within 50 miles of our home town.

So what have we learned? How do you choose the right guitar? What are the best values in each price range? Which guitar has the best action and sounds great unplugged? Most importantly, which lefty guitar will make you sound great?

Finding answers to these questions isn’t easy. Luckily, we’ve done all that research for you. All you have to do is read on…

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