The Bespoke Edition – The Ultimate Tailored Suit

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The Bespoke Edition – The Ultimate Tailored Suit: A blog about the Bespoke brand by guthrie govan .

The Bespoke Edition is a blog about bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship by Guthrie Govan.

A few days ago I received an email from a gentleman called Stephen who lives in London. He told me he was about to be married, and that his fiancée had mentioned my name in connection with the suit he intended to commission for the big day – presumably because she’d seen me wearing my own recent Bespoke purchase in some publicity photos. She’d asked him whether he thought I could make him look as good as I look in mine and, after some consideration, he’d decided that it was indeed a possibility! In fact, he had already made a number of appointments with various tailors, but hadn’t found much to love (or even like) about any of them. As such, he was wondering if I might be able to point him towards a tailor who could produce something similar to my own Bespoke suit (which has been described as “the one that got away”).

I am always happy to hear from other people who appreciate the benefits of having clothes made

New Post – Friday, February 27, 2015

The Bespoke Edition – The Ultimate Tailored Suit: A blog about the Bespoke brand by guthrie govan .

I’ve had my eye on this particular guitar ever since I first saw it on the Fender website. It’s not a guitar you see every day, and certainly not one you’re likely to stumble across in your average guitar shop. It’s called the ‘Bespoke Edition Stratocaster’, and it was built exclusively for the Japanese market by one of Fender’s Custom Shops.

In addition to the usual Custom Shop fare (heavy relic jobs, abalone purfling and gold hardware), one of this model’s other features is that it comes with a selection of different pickups and plastic covers that can be fitted without tools: an added bonus for anyone intending to use this instrument on stage. This model has standard Stratocaster pickups in it (Fender American Vintage ‘57/62 or Seymour Duncan SSL-5), but there are also versions available with humbuckers if you look hard enough.

Another unusual feature is that the bridge pickup has been mounted backwards (or “reverse

The Bespoke Edition – The Ultimate Tailored Suit: A blog about the Bespoke brand by guthrie govan.

The ultimate tailored suit is a very personal thing. It has to be, because it is cut from your own unique pattern and made from your own choice of cloths and details. The best way to find out what we mean by the ultimate tailored suit is to come in for an appointment and try on some of our suits for yourself. Our stylists are experts at helping you find the perfect fit for you, but here’s a taste of what we can offer:

The first step is choosing the width of lapel you want on your jacket – our stylists will help you decide which looks best on you. Then comes the most important aspect of any bespoke garment: the fit. You’ll have a number of fittings with one of our expert craftsmen to make sure everything is just right. If anything isn’t quite right, we can adjust it until it is – that’s what bespoke tailoring means.

The next step is choosing your fabric. Whether you prefer wool, silk or cotton, we have something for everyone in our extensive fabric library. We also offer a selection of linings in different colours and patterns so

The Bespoke Edition – The Ultimate Tailored Suit: A blog about the Bespoke brand by guthrie govan .

Corporate gifting is a strategic marketing tool to promote your brand while creating goodwill among your clients and staff. It’s also a way to recognize employees’ contributions to an organization. Not all corporate gifts are effective, however. Choosing the right gift requires forethought, tact, and an understanding of what your recipient likes. The right gift shows that you appreciate them, respect them and have taken the time to get to know them.

Here are some tips for choosing corporate gifts:

1) Give a gift that will be used often.

2) Choose something unique; don’t give a tie or another piece of clothing.

3) Make sure it fits!

4) Don’t skimp on quality; it says something about your company.

5) Don’t make it too personal; if you don’t know someone very well, don’t get them something with their name on it.

6) Don’t overthink it; sometimes less is more.

7) Always give with sincerity and genuine appreciation for the person you are giving to

This is the first in a series of new blog posts from Guthrie Govan. Guthrie is a founding partner of Bespoke, and one of the most respected guitar players in the world.

This first post is about his experiences at The Great British Guitar Show, which took place on Saturday 17th September 2011.

The Great British Guitar Show

Guthrie plays for 500 fans at The Great British Guitar Show

I’ve been asked to write a few words to accompany this picture from the recent “Great British Guitar Show”, which was held in Redhill, Surrey on Saturday September 17th. This show was organised by the same team who brought you “The UK Guitar Show” last year: it’s a new annual event that’s certain to grow in size and stature as time passes. In fact, it already feels like a fixture on the calendar!

The show was filled with all manner of cool guitar-related items, including several very tasty instruments (most notably a beautiful blueburst Stratocaster owned by Jamie Humphries). The stage hosted a non-stop parade of top-notch players throughout the day, including Danny Gill, Guthrie Govan, Tom Quayle and Jamie Humphries; by coincidence, all four of us are known for

Welcome to the new Bespoke Edition blog. I’ll be posting videos, pictures and updates on my travels with the Bespoke Edition team, as well as info on our new products and other news.

A few years ago, I was invited to play at a couple of guitar clinics in Tokyo, Japan and had never been there before. I was excited for many reasons but the main one was the fact that I would get to see some of the legendary guitar makers who work in and around Tokyo.

There are many excellent guitar manufacturers in Japan (Ibanez and ESP spring to mind) but there is also a fantastic tradition of smaller workshop builders who build guitars for specific players or to special orders. Some have been doing this for 30 or 40 years, making guitars for touring professionals who visit Japan or for local guitarists who can afford their prices. Their guitars are very rarely seen outside of Japan and most people would never even know that they exist.

The ultimate in tailored suiting, Bespoke is the pinnacle of Savile Row tradition. A bespoke suit is cut from scratch to mould the body, allowing for a truly individual fit. Created by hand and with the customer’s input at every stage, a Bespoke suit is unique to its wearer.

The Bespoke process begins with a consultation, where our master tailors will discuss your requirements. The cut and fabric are agreed, together with any special details such as buttonholes and linings.

A pattern is then created for you and your suit will be made in our workshop by our experienced team of tailors. There will be two fittings during the production process to ensure that the suit fits to perfection. Once complete, your suit will be delivered along with a care guide to help you look after it and maintain its immaculate appearance.

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