Learn Why Being Left Handed is Awesome for Guitarists

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Did you know that being a left handed guitarist comes with its own set of advantages?

Well, if you’re a left handed guitarist, then you already know this. You’ve been told by your guitar teacher and peers that it’s cool to be a lefty. You play the guitar the opposite way to most people, and it feels great to express yourself with your unique method of playing.

And if you’re not a left handed guitarist, now is the time to learn why it’s awesome for those who are.

Being a left handed guitarist is awesome.

Lefties are a rare breed who have an amazing advantage over right handers when it comes to playing the guitar.

There are many advantages to being a left handed guitarist and there is one glaring disadvantage. Let’s get straight into why being left handed rocks for guitarists!

If you are not a lefty, you should stop reading this article now, as you will only feel bad about yourself from here on out. If you are a lefty, keep reading and feel good about yourself because your uniqueness makes you better at playing the guitar than right handed people…

The main reason being a southpaw rocks is because we play the guitar in reverse to right handers. This means that all of us lefties out there can learn and play any song that has been written for right handed players. Right handers however cannot play songs that are written for left handed players unless they learn the song backwards (which would be quite difficult).

If you’re a left handed guitarist, you have arrived at a wonderful place. I’m a left handed guitarist and teacher and over the years I’ve heard many other lefties say that they feel awkward or limited when it comes to playing guitar.

This is completely understandable. Most of the world is right handed and most guitarists are right handed as well. The guitar is designed for the right-handed player so lefties must make some adjustments to play the guitar in a way that feels comfortable and natural to them.

The great news is that being a southpaw actually gives you an advantage over your guitar playing buddies who are not lefties. There are several reasons why it’s awesome to be a southpaw player and I’m going to share them with you here today.

I started to play guitar when I was a kid and at that time, I wasn’t yet completely aware of the fact that I was left handed. That’s right, I actually played with my right hand until a year before high school. At that time, one day while practicing my scales, my mom noticed that I was left handed, and she told me about it.

I didn’t think much about it at first and I continued to practice with my right hand. However, after a few days, I decided to give it a try and use my left hand for playing the guitar instead. It actually went really well! Let me tell you why…

There are many advantages of being left handed for guitarists:

You can play the melody with your dominant hand;

The other strings won’t be blocking your view;

You will be able to change chords faster;

You can play along with other guitarists without any problems;

Your hands will not get tired as fast as before;

It’s easier to learn new chords if you’re left handed.”

Being left handed is a huge advantage for guitarists. Learning to play with your left hand provides you with access to unique chord shapes that are not available to right handed players. This makes it easier for you to learn standard chords, because your fingers will be positioned in the same location on the fretboard. It also gives you access to alternate tunings, because your left hand can reach past the nut.

Learning how to play left handed guitar is a great alternative for right handed players who want something different from their instrument! If you’ve ever wondered why people who are naturally left-handed seem so much better at playing instruments than people who aren’t then this article might provide some answers as well as some tips on how they do it.

People who are naturally left-handed seem more talented when it comes to playing instruments like guitars or pianos, and even drums sometimes seem too easy for them too! Their brains work differently than ours do which means they have an easier time switching between different things at once without getting confused about which way is up or down!

One of my favorite quotes about left-handedness comes from Kurt Cobain who said “I don’t really believe in God or anything (I’m atheist), but I think there must be some kind of cosmic

I’ve had guitar students of all ages, from all walks of life, and from many different backgrounds. But one thing I have noticed is that some of my best and most dedicated guitar students are left handed.

What’s that got to do with anything?

Well, in my experience, learning to play guitar is tough for anyone – but especially for left-handed folks!

This article will hopefully shed some light on why left handed people are often great guitarists (or at least make great students), and it will help you understand the extra challenges that come along with being a southpaw.

We are glad to hear that you are interested in left-handed guitar playing. It is becoming more and more popular these days. We have the largest collection of left handed guitars for you to choose from. Let’s explore this subject further…

What Makes a Guitar Left Handed?

All guitars can be played left handed, but there are some models which are specifically made for left-handed guitarists. These guitars are made especially for southpaws, they have the opposite shape as right-handed guitars, so that lefty guitarists won’t need to flip over their instrument when they play it. This is possible because most of the time the sound hole is placed on the top half of a regular right-handed guitar, making it possible to flip the guitar over without damaging any parts of it. When we say “flipping over”, we mean turning the guitar 180 degrees around its axis, so that the neck faces towards your body instead of away from it, and vice versa.

It is very easy to convert a normal right handed guitar into a left-handed one by flipping it over, and many lefties use this method rather than buying a new guitar (for instance if they only want to try out how it feels like). Some people prefer using a flipped

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