Learn guitar leads, scales and chord progressions at Ultimate Guitar

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One of the most popular guitar sites on the web since 1999, Ultimate Guitar is a search engine for guitar tabs, chords and lyrics. The site has over 500,000 songs from a wide range of artists and is also one of the best-known guitar forums on the internet.

So what does Ultimate Guitar blog about? It tends to focus on the learning side of things, with blog posts about scales, chord progressions, reading tab and tips for playing specific lead guitar licks. But there’s much more here than just learning how to play; you’ll also find reviews of books and DVDs and interviews with top-class musicians.

The Ultimate Guitar blog is one of my favourite music blogs. Not only because it’s run by the same people who run the excellent Ultimate Guitar tabs site, but also because they do a really good job of covering guitar-related issues.

If you’re just starting out and want to learn how to play the guitar, this blog might be a good place for you. If you’re already a more advanced player, but want to learn more about guitar gear and technique, you’ll also find some interesting posts here.

Here are a few recent highlights:

How to Play Lead Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Guitar Leads

Guitar Chord Progressions – Essential Guide to Understanding and Using them Effectively

Guitar Scales – Essential Guide for Beginners on How to Use them Effectively

Ultimate Guitar: the guitar forum that is a blog. It’s a forum in the sense that visitors can post their own entries there, but it has its own unique style, and is becoming one of the most popular blogs around.

The site has been around since 1998, and offers an encyclopaedia of chords and scales for guitarists. What really makes Ultimate Guitar stand out though is the community. Users can add their own articles to the encyclopaedia, and it would appear from the quality of many of these that some users have made a real effort to contribute.

The blog side of Ultimate Guitar is becoming increasingly popular (the site now attracts more than 1m visitors per month), with visitors contributing their own articles on guitar music, technique and theory. The blog is an offshoot of the original forums, but has grown into something much bigger.

This blog is all about the learning side of Ultimate Guitar, which is the biggest guitar tab archive in the world. The tabs are edited and submitted by our users and we want to give them a proper stage. Also, many people want to improve as musicians, but don’t know how or where to start. That’s why we decided to create this blog.

We believe that music can change your life for better and we’re on a mission to spread it around the globe. We’ve already started this with free tabs and guitar chords database, but now we’re ready to take it to a whole new level — turn all aspiring musicians into real ones!

Our primary goal is to provide you with high quality lessons by sharing our knowledge and experience through various formats such as articles, videos and ebooks. Stay tuned!

Tabs are the mainstay of Ultimate-Guitar.com, with over half a million songs available for free. The site offers a variety of learning tools, including articles on music theory and how to play certain scales and chords.

These tools do their job well, but the articles are relatively dry and technical. If you want more social interaction and a greater emphasis on the learning process, UG’s blog is where it’s at.

The blog features updates from the site’s staff members as they learn new songs or improve their technique. It also contains short interviews with up-and-coming bands who use Ultimate Guitar as a tool to perfect their craft.

If you’re a guitarist, or learning to play the guitar, you might have heard of Ultimate Guitar. The site is an online repository of tablature and chords for guitarists worldwide. If you’re not familiar with tablature, it’s essentially a way of writing out music for guitar. It’s useful because it allows you to communicate musical ideas quickly and easily.

Ultimate Guitar is the world’s largest collection of guitar and bass tabs, with over half a million songs available in the database at any given time. The site is also host to over 1.8 million registered users, who contribute their own tabs and chord sheets to the ever-expanding catalogue.

On Ultimate Guitar, you can find both professional transcriptions done by hand as well as user-submitted versions. Both are accurate and well-executed, but it’s important to note the difference between them if you’re looking for truly professional-quality material (i.e., those that have been verified by an editor). But either way, Ultimate Guitar provides an incredible resource for budding or advanced musicians alike.

Guitar music is a part of a larger group of instruments called chordophones. A chordophone is an instrument that creates sound by way of a vibrating string or strings stretched between two points. Other instruments in this category include the violin, viola, cello, harp and piano. The guitar is unique in that it is played by plucking or striking strings with the fingers, which causes the strings to vibrate and create sound.

The guitar has had many different forms, shapes and sizes over the centuries. It is believed that the modern version of the guitar was developed from an ancient instrument called the Tanbur. These were originally plucked or strummed but were later played with a bow like a violin.

The earliest guitars were made from wood, but soon metal strings were used on tanburs and lutes as well as guitars. This allowed for greater string tension, which increased the volume of music produced by these instruments. Later still, metal frets were added to fretboards (the long pieces of wood across which strings are stretched), giving players more control over their playing abilities.

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