Introducing the New Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar

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The Fender Jaguar guitar is a classic. When you hear it you can instantly think of surfers, rock and roll, and the beach. Now Fender has launched a new version of the iconic instrument: the New Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar.

This new model has been completely redesigned from top to bottom to give it a cleaner, more modern sound while still maintaining its classic Fender tone. It features a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides and is available in three different finishes. The guitar also comes with Fishman Isys III electronics system which includes built-in tuner, volume control knob located at base of neck near bridge pickup for easy access when playing live shows or recording in studio setting.

The new Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar is a fresh twist on the classic Jaguar design. This guitar is perfect for the musician looking for an instrument with a unique sound and style.

The Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar is a full-sized acoustic guitar with a cutaway body that allows easy access to the higher frets. It has an arched back and a solid spruce top, which produces a rich sound that only gets better with age.

This guitar is available in two finishes: natural, which shows off the wood grain of the maple back and sides; or red, which has a more bold, modern look.

The Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar comes with steel strings and can be strung with nylon strings upon request. This guitar also features chrome die cast tuners for quick, easy tuning and black bridge pins that add to its sleek look.

In addition to these great features, the Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar comes with a built-in pickup so you can plug it in and play anywhere! Try one today at your local authorized Fender dealer!

The new Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar is a full sized guitar with a built-in pre-amplifier that means you can plug in and play without the need for an amp!

The body of the guitar is made from mahogany, with a rosewood fretboard and bridge. The neck is solid maple. It weighs less than eight pounds, so it’s easy to carry around.

The preamp on this guitar is designed by Fishman, so you know it’s going to sound great! The guitar has a three band EQ, and volume control knob right on the body, so you can make quick adjustments. One of the best features is the built-in tuner. It’s easy to use: just hold down the power button until it lights up, then strum your open strings one at a time while tuning. The tuner mutes the sound while you’re tuning, so no one else will hear you! This feature alone makes this guitar worth buying!

Not only is this guitar easy to play and sounds great, but it looks fantastic too! The black finish really makes the chrome hardware pop out. It’s definitely an eye catcher. I think everyone should have one of these in their collection!

Curious about the new Acoustic-Electric Jaguar guitar? Read on to learn about its features, specifications and pricing from professional musicians who have tested it.

The Jaguar is a classic Fender model that was first introduced in 1962, alongside the Jazzmaster. The models were made for players who needed a shorter scale length for comfort, but didn’t want to sacrifice any of their tone.

The brand has reinvented the instrument completely, making it lighter with all-new electronics. The result is an acoustic-electric guitar that’s perfect for gigging.

The new Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar offers:

A 24″ scale length with a 20 fret neck

A solid top body using premium tonewoods that produces incredible projection and clarity

Unique Fishman Isys III pickups and preamp system, which includes volume and tone controls, as well as a built-in chromatic tuner with LED display

You know, they say that guitars are a lot like cars. Each one is unique, and has its own distinct personality. Some guitars can play fast, clean lines, while others can make a big, bold statement. The Fender Jaguar electric guitar has been known as the “statement” guitar for years. And now, the new Fender Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar takes that statement to the next level!

The Jaguar body style has always stood out in the crowd. Now, with a Fishman Isys III pickup/preamp system with active onboard preamp and tuner, you can be sure your sound will cut through any mix – amplified or not. In addition, the Fender Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar features an easy-to-play neck and classic styling that includes a vintage-style bridge.

The new Fender Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar comes in 2 distinctive models:

Fender Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar (Natural)

Fender Acoustic-Electric Jaguar Guitar (Sunburst)

The Jaguar Guitar is one of the most iconic guitars in music history. It’s been played by some of the most legendary guitar players to ever exist, such as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend and Kurt Cobain. A true hallmark of music history and a guitar that has changed the course of many bands’ careers and the lives of countless fans.

Fender launched their first Jaguar in 1962, following up on the success of their Jazzmaster model. The guitar was a hit with many guitar players, though it wasn’t an instant success with everybody. In fact, it took years before the Jaguar really started to take off and become a permanent fixture in many professional guitarists’ arsenal.

The new Fender Acoustic-Electric Jaguar features a few updates and new features that will make this guitar even more versatile than before!

The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is launching a new acoustic-electric guitar. The Jag-Stang, as it’s known, is named after two legendary Fender electric guitars: the Jaguar and the Mustang. It makes its debut in March at the music trade fair Musik Messe Frankfurt 2003. The guitar has a stratoblaster-type body with a cutaway and a contoured back. It comes with a hardcase and will be available in three colors: black, sonic blue, and red.

It’s not the first time Fender has created an acoustic-electric hybrid guitar. In fact, Fender already offers two acoustic-electric models: the FG140CE (a dreadnaught cutaway) and the FD140CE (also a dreadnaught cutaway). These models are based on the well-known Stratocaster shape and range in price from $599-$899.

The Jaguar and Mustang guitars were originally introduced at about the same time in 1962 as Fender’s response to Gibson’s Les Paul design. The Jaguar was designed for jazz players with its narrow neck and short scale. With its 24″ scale length, shorter than most guitars on the market, it was also popular with younger players who had smaller hands. It’s

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