How To Write a Press Release (And Why You Need One)

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How To Write A Press Release (And Why You Need One)

A guide for those who need to write a press release.

This is the fourth in our series of guides on how to promote your app. Check out our other guides here.

There are a lot of great ways to drive attention to your app, and there’s no one way that will work for everyone. But when we look at the apps that have done the best job at getting their name out there, one tactic keeps coming up time and time again: a well written press release.

This guide will walk you through how to write a press release and why they still matter as part of your app marketing strategy.

The press release is arguably the most important part of a public relations campaign. A concise, well-written press release can entice journalists and bloggers to write about your news. Use this primer to help you write a better press release.

Why You Need A Press Release

A press release is a one- to two-page document that announces something new about your company: a product launch, an event, a partnership, a change in leadership, etc. Press releases should be simple and straightforward, no longer than one page, with direct quotes and minimal jargon. Journalists and bloggers read hundreds of press releases every day, so following this format helps ensure that your story will not be overlooked.

Why Journalists Care

Journalists receive hundreds of emails every day about new products and services. They do not have time to read them all or even sort through them to see which ones are relevant for their readers and viewers. As a result, they have become accustomed to quickly scanning them for the key information and then either deleting the email or filing it away for future reference. If you want your press release to get noticed, it needs to tell a journalist everything they need to know as quickly as possible. That means including the who/what/when/where/why/how of your

If your business hasn’t made its way into the press, you may be wondering how to get it there. Press releases are a great way to give journalists and anyone else who follows your company a heads up about something newsworthy.

If you’ve never written a press release before, that’s okay! We’ve got a few pointers for you that will help make sure your press release makes it off the page and into the right hands.

Press releases can be a powerful tool for getting attention for your business. The key to writing effective press releases is making them newsworthy.

This question was asked by a user on Yahoo! Answers:

“I need to write up a press release. But I dont know how to make it interesting or what topics I should cover? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.”

How to Write an Effective Press Release in 8 Steps:

Write an attention-grabbing headline. Include all 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) in the first paragraph of your release. Keep the body short and break it up with bullet points and/or bolded text. Write your boilerplate (a short description about you or your company). Include contact information at the bottom of your release so journalists can follow up with you if they are interested in writing about you or your business. Check out press releases from others in your industry to get ideas for formatting, content and tone. Use a service like PRWeb to distribute your release online. If you have extra money to spend, consider using a service like PR Newswire or Business Wire that can get you more distribution options, like television and broadcast networks, as well as wire services. Write down a list of people

Drafting a press release involves more than just writing a great title, body and call to action. In this post we’ll cover the basics of crafting a press release for your business or brand.

Writing a press release involves more than just writing a great title, body and call to action.

In this post we’ll cover the basics of crafting a press release for your business or brand. We’ll also outline some tips you should keep in mind when drafting and publishing your work.

Every week, there are dozens of stories published online that pertain to the wedding and event industries. Out of the many options available to news outlets, how do you make sure that your story gets chosen?

You need to write a press release.

There are certain things that every press release has to have in order for it to be accepted as legitimate news. If you’re not sure what these things are, don’t worry. This article will show you how to write a business press release so that it can be picked up by media outlets everywhere.

The first thing that you need to know about writing a press release is that you don’t have to be a professional writer or journalist to do it.

To write a press release that is effective, you have to follow certain guidelines. These guidelines may seem simple, but they can go a long way toward getting your piece published. Read more below on how to write a business press release using all of the elements needed.

If you’re a startup founder, your to-do list is never ending. There’s so much to do and so little time (and money) to do it. You have to write a press release, but you don’t know where to start.

This guide will help you with:

1. Why you should write a press release

2. When you should write a press release

3. How to write an effective press release

4. A few best practices when writing a press release

5. A list of common mistakes and how to avoid them

6. Examples of good press releases

Why You Should Write a Press Release?

A press release is the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity. If well written, a press release can result in multiple published articles about your firm and its products. And that can mean new prospects contacting you asking you to sell to them. Talk about low-hanging fruit!

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