How to Make a DIY Guitar Stand from Scratch

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Here is a video showing how to make your own DIY guitar stand from scratch. If you do not have the materials to make this, then you can use any material that is cheap and easy to get. I suggest using cardboard or plastic, as they can be easily bent into shape and will hold your guitar securely.

Here is the link to the video:

I hope this helps!

Hey, guys!

If you have more than one guitar, you probably know the problem of storing them. At first I was just leaning them against my bed but then I decided to make my own guitar stand. It was really easy and didn’t cost a lot.

Materials Needed:

* 1/4″ dowel rod [$2.50 for 8 feet]

* Sandpaper [$1]

* Wood glue [$3]

* Handsaw [$10]

I purchased almost all of the materials from a hardware store. My only worry was that it would be heavy and take up too much space in my room, but in reality it is pretty light and compact. I’m really happy with the outcome and, since it’s on wheels, I can move it around easily.

This project is a combination of my love for guitars and my love for making things.

In the past, I’ve spent $80 to buy a guitar stand that I thought was pretty cool. After building this one, I feel like it’s just as good, if not better than the one that I bought.

I’ve also never seen a DIY guitar stand done quite like this before so I hope you enjoy and learn something new!

The Tools You’ll Need:

Angle Grinder with cutting disc and grinding disc (optional)


Drill with 1/8″ drill bit and Phillips head bit

In this tutorial, we will be talking about how to make a DIY guitar stand. If you are into instruments and want to learn how to make one yourself then this is the perfect blog for you.

I have always wanted to try my hand at making a guitar stand for my acoustic guitars. It wasn’t until I got completely fed up with tripping over my guitars that I decided to finally get around to it.

After doing some research on the internet, I found out that there are many different ways of making a guitar stand. However, all of them were way too complicated and expensive for me. I wanted something simple and easy so that anyone can do it even if you don’t have any tools or experience with woodwork.

That’s when I came up with this idea of using PVC pipes as the main frame for the stand. The best thing about this was that it was very cheap and lightweight which made it perfect for transporting between gigs or even just around town!

The whole project took me less than an hour from start to finish so if you’re interested in learning how to make your own DIY Guitar Stand, keep reading below!

I used this method to build two guitar stands for String Theory Guitar in Concord, NH. The first guitar stand took well over an hour, but I was able to build the second stand in about 30 minutes.

Please note that the instructions here are for the stand I built, which is pretty large. Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments here or on the blog post.

My friend and I started our business, String Theory Guitar, a month ago with three guitars and a dream: to sell guitars on Etsy. Now we’re up to four guitars and a promise from my fiancé to buy one of them. To make these guitars look nice for our customers we decided that we needed a stand for each of them (five in total). After much searching online we couldn’t find anyone selling stands that would fit our needs exactly. We wanted something very sturdy, yet light weight (we could just send two stands in a large flat-rate box). We also didn’t want to spend more than $25 on each stand, if possible.

The most basic guitar stand is as simple as a tripod with a crossbeam, and it’s not hard to find DIY instructions for such a project. However, this design can be a bit bulky, and it doesn’t offer much support for the instrument.Since I play bass and have an effects board that takes up some space on stage, I needed something more substantial. I also wanted something that was easy to build and transport. The result is the design shared in this Instructable.

I’ve been using it for nearly 3 years now, but I still remember how I learned that the first version of this guitar stand wasn’t as sturdy as I had hoped. As a bass player, my instrument is quite heavy and the bottom neck support had loosened enough to let the guitar fall once or twice during gigs. It didn’t take too long before I decided to make some changes – which ended up being much more than just tightening screws.

I have since made several improvements to the original design: changing the neck supports from wooden blocks to padded steel arms, for example, making the stand more compact when disassembled, and improving its portability. The current version breaks down into 3 pieces that fit inside an empty keyboard case (the one used in this instructable is actually designed

The first step is to make sure you have all the materials. You will need:

* A guitar stand

* A workbench or table

* A drill with a hole bit

* A hammer

* Nails and screws

* A screwdriver or power drill

To start off, take your guitar stand and place it in the center of your work area. Place your nails or screws down the sides of the stand, making sure to leave enough room between them for the screwdriver or hammer to fit through. If you are using nails, you can use a power drill instead of a hammer. Next, take your hammer and hit each nail into the side of the guitar stand until they’re flush with its surface. Once all four nails are securely in place, take your screwdriver or power drill and insert it into each hole. Make sure that none of them move when you do this.

Once all four screws are in place, you can now put on any protective gear if needed (gloves, glasses etc), then take your guitar stand and lay it down on its back so that the front is facing up towards you. Take one hand to hold onto the neck of your guitar while using the other hand to grab onto the top portion of its body

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