Home Staging Ideas That Will Get You Sold

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We are home stagers and have been working in the Toronto area for years. Home staging is a critical aspect of selling your house and we know the tricks to get you sold fast.

The first thing you should do is to depersonalize your house. We know this sounds harsh but it is necessary to attract home buyers. You want them to picture their things, not yours, in your home. This means removing family photos and any other item that makes it clear that this is your home.

Take a look at our other tips on how to get your house sold today!

We are real estate agents. We work with sellers and buyers all the time. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling your home. You only get one chance to make a good first impression on potential buyers, so make sure it’s a good one. Home staging is an important part of the process of getting a home sold.

This blog provides you with tips and ideas for home staging that will appeal to buyers. We only post information that we have found helpful in our own experiences and from other professionals, so you can trust that these are ideas that actually work!

We are always looking for new articles and information about home staging, so if you have something you’d like us to share, please send it to us at [email protected] We will be happy to share your article (giving you credit) if it’s fitting for our site.

Staging is the process of preparing any property for sale. Most Realtors® and Stagers agree that staging is crucial to a successful home sale because it presents the best face of the home to potential buyers.

Home staging makes a lasting first impression, helping the buyers see themselves living in your home. The goal is to make your home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, which will create a bidding war, resulting in more money for you, the seller. A staged home will sell faster than an unstaged one, and often at a higher price.

This blog is written by Cheryl Gray, owner of Service Star Realty in Sacramento, CA. We are proud to be leading real estate professionals in our area and we want to help you by giving you valuable tips on how we can sell your house faster and for more money!

If you or anyone you know is considering selling your house this year, please feel free to contact me personally at cheryl@servicestarrealty.com or give me a call at (916) 834-6873 Ext 1424

Why did we go through all this trouble? Because we wanted to get your home sold for the highest price and the shortest time. We have heard the stories about how a professionally staged home stayed on the market for a year or more than an un-staged home. But, when you think about it, that makes sense.

A cluttered, dirty house is more likely to sit on the market longer than one that is organized and clean. There is also a greater chance that it will sell for less money because it was overpriced to begin with.

What is staging? Staging is simply preparing your home for sale so that buyers can visualize themselves living in your space. It’s just like buying clothes at your favorite store and trying them on in front of the mirror to see if they fit right, look right and feel right.

When a buyer walks into your home they need to be able to visualize their personal stuff in your space. That’s why we want people to remove everything from their walls, some furniture and place it in storage, depersonalize everything (i.e., remove family photos and awards), get rid of clutter, clean everything inside and outside of the home (including windows and carpet cleaning), paint if necessary (neutral colors),

Just because spring is on the way, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your fireplace during these last few chilly months. In fact, a roaring fire can be a great addition to any home as it does wonders for ambiance and can even be used to make s’mores.

If you aren’t using your fireplace, there are some things that you can do to spruce it up and make it more inviting. Here are some tips for improving your fireplace and making the most out of it:

Chimney cleaning: If it has been a while since you have had your chimney inspected, then now is the time to get it done. A dirty chimney can decrease airflow as well as cause a smell in your home. A professional chimney cleaning service will ensure that everything is clean and working properly so that you can enjoy your fireplace safely.

Clean up the mantel: Once again, now is a great time to take down the holiday decorations and put away the winter decor. Consider swapping them out for something more neutral so that it will appeal to prospective buyers if you decide to list your home in the spring or summer months. It doesn’t have to be boring either – mix in some candles, gre

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