Getting Started Guitalele, An Electric Guitar-Ukulele Hybrid

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So you’re a guitar player. You’ve been playing for a while, and you’re looking for a new challenge, or maybe you just want a new sound. Or maybe you’re not a guitar player at all. Maybe you play the ukulele and are looking to make the jump to six strings. Whatever the case, you’ve found yourself here because of one thing:

You want to try out the guitalele.

The guitalele is an instrument in between a guitar and ukulele in size, but it is tuned like a guitar with an added high A string. The result is that it can be played using standard guitar chords and fingerings, but sounds like the ukulele!

I fell in love with the guitalele after I saw its potential as an electric instrument. After building my own DIY electric guitalele kit, I decided to put together this blog to help other people get started on their own journey with this unique instrument!

The guitalele is an electric guitar-ukulele hybrid that is a fun and easy instrument to learn. While the guitalele doesn’t have the same range as a typical guitar, it can be tuned like one, and it’s compact size makes it easy to carry around.

Guitalele is a hybrid instrument played like a guitar and tuned like a ukulele. It’s pitched up 4ths, A to A and can be strung with classical or steel guitar strings. It’s also known as the Ukulele Guitar since it has 6 strings like a guitar but pitched higher like a ukulele.

The guitalele is often confused with the guitarlele which is a much larger instrument that’s very similar in size and tuning to a baritone ukulele.

The guitalele has slightly smaller frets than an electric guitar and may be easier for some people to play. Many people choose it because of its portability and small size.

A guitalele can be strung with different string gauges depending on your playing style, the gauge of strings you’re comfortable with, or if you prefer nylon or steel strings. These are some of my favorite guitalele strings:

Thomastik-Infeld CF33 Carbon Fiber Strings (for nylon string guitaleles)

The guitalele is an instrument that combines the features of a guitar and ukulele. It has six nylon strings and is tuned like a guitar, but its relatively small size makes it easier to play than a standard guitar. The guitalele is also known as a guitar-ukulele, ukulele guitar or guilele.

In this Instructable I will show you how to play the guitalele by playing a song on it. I will teach you the chords and strumming pattern used in this song and then guide you through the song so that you can play along with me.

I will assume that you are familiar with basic guitar chords and terminology, so if there are any terms that you do not understand then look them up here: Guitar Terminology Glossary.

The guitalele is perfect for beginners because its smaller size means that more people can get their hands around it and its nylon strings mean that it’s easier on your fingers. It’s also perfect for taking with you on your travels as it’s much smaller than a standard guitar – my guitalele is actually smaller than my ukulele!

Guitalele is a hybrid instrument that has six guitar strings and five ukulele-sized frets. It’s a fun instrument to play, and it’s great for campfire sing-a-longs. If you’re learning how to play guitar, it will help you learn the strings and chords. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play ukulele, this may be a great way to start learning songs on the smaller instrument. You can also use guitalele songs and chord charts as resources for playing ukulele.

The guitalele is a small hybrid guitar with six nylon strings tuned like a baritone ukulele (D-G-B-E-A-D). The guitalele is often referred to as “guitarlele” or “guitarrele.” I prefer calling it guitalele because that name applies to both the string configuration of the instrument (guitar + ukulele) and its size (guitar + small).

How big is a guitalele? Think of it as a mini travel guitar or baritone ukulele. It measures about 21 3/4 inches long from nut to saddle,

I fell in love with the guitalele a few years ago and I still haven’t been able to stop playing it since. It’s a great instrument to play for fun or for gigging, and I have had a blast learning to play it.

If you’re new to the guitalele, you’ve come to the right place! This blog is dedicated to all things guitalele related – from beginner tips and tricks to learning chords, this guide will help you get started on your musical journey with this amazing instrument.

I’m a new guitalele player. I wanted to learn guitar but I don’t have the time to go to classes. So I thought of learning ukulele first. Then I would just have to transpose the chords from uke to guitar.

I looked online and found that there are discount stores selling ukuleles for P500 or less. That’s around USD10-11, so I said “why not?” I bought my first ukulele and started playing it at home.

Then I saw a guitalele in a music store and saw how beautiful it was. It is like a small guitar with nylon strings, tuned like a guitar (but one octave higher). Since I can’t afford an electric guitar yet, this is my baby step toward playing an electric guitar, hehehe.

It was nice to start with a small instrument because it is easier to carry around, travel with, and learn on (for me anyway).

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