Fender Guitar Wiring Diagram for Humbucker and Single Coil Pickups

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Fender Guitar Wiring Diagram for Humbucker and Single Coil Pickups. This is a blog around the wiring diagrams for Fender guitars. Here you will find the wiring diagram for Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Duo Sonic, Jaguar Bass and Jazz Bass.

A blog around the wiring diagrams for Fender guitars.

A humbucker has two coils and a single coil pickup has one coil. Wiring them together in parallel will produce a brighter tone (with somewhat less volume than series), but will still be humbucking. To wire in series, connect the hot output from one pickup to the hot input on the other pickup using a jumper wire. Then connect the output to the volume pot and the input to ground, as normal.

Wiring: Hum/Hum, Pos/Pos, Neg/Neg

Fender Guitar Wiring Diagram for Humbucker and Single Coil Pickups

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In this configuration, the humbucker (single conductor) is wired in series with the single coil to create a thicker tone. The only difference is that the neck pickup has a reverse wound/reverse polarity so it will “buck” the hum when used together with the bridge pickup.

There is some confusion about how Fender guitars should be wired. The Fender website has some wiring diagrams that are small, unclear, in black and white, and relatively useless. Naturally, I decided to make my own clear, large, easy-to-read wiring diagrams in color.

I started out using the Fender diagrams and modified them slightly to show the pickup output (hot) and ground wires. I was going to add a switch for the pickup selector, but since you can just use the pickup selector itself as a switch for the middle position, I left it off.

The other diagrams are modifed versions of this one. You can pick up where they leave off by adding a wire from the volume pot lug 3 to the toggle switch (for neck/bridge) or pickup selector (for all three pickups).

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Fender is the world’s foremost manufacturer of electric, acoustic and bass guitars.

The invention of the first electric guitar in 1936 marked the beginning of a new era in music history. The Soft Vibrato introduced in 1954 and the Synchronized Tremolo in 1954 set the standards for all electric guitars that followed them.

Fender’s expertise has also been applied to other instruments such as basses, steel guitars, effects units, amplifiers, music synthesizers and even special-made harmonicas. The company has been run by a small number of owners and currently (2007) belongs to CBS Corporation who acquired it in 1965.

This wiring setup uses the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Strat pickup (STHR-1B) in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat STK-S4 in the neck position. These pickups are great replacements for Fender’s stock pickups found on both American, Mexican and Squier Strats. This setup is easy to install with no special tools, soldering or cutting required!

The Fender Stratocaster has a loud, bright sound which is due to the single coil pickups that are stock on most Fender guitars. They also tend to have a lot of hum when compared to other pickups such as humbuckers. The solution for this problem is to replace one or more of your single coil strat pickups with a humbucker.

Most humbuckers are made for Gibsons which use two conductor wiring from the pickup manufacturer. On Fender guitars, you need to make some small modifications to your humbucker before installing it into your guitar. Although there are many different types of humbuckers, Seymour Duncan offers an easy solution with their Quick Connect system which allows you to easily change out pickups using only a screwdriver. This diagram below shows the wiring modification necessary for Fender Stratocaster guitars equipped with Seymour Duncan’s Quick Connect system

“I am not an engineer. I never took a course in electrical engineering, or physics for that matter. I make no claims at a scientific understanding of how these things work. What I have is an intuitive grasp of the subject and a memory like an elephant’s.”

~~ Leo Fender

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