dsus4 = D-S-U-S-4. What’s It Mean?

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dsus4 = D-S-U-S-4. What’s It Mean?

A blog about the meaning of dsus4 and how it relates to you.


dsus4 is a guitar chord that can be found in many great songs. What does dsus4 mean, and why does it matter? Read on for the answer.

Knowing what dsus4 means can change your life!

Why Does Dsus4 Matter?

Dsus4 is a simple chord, but it matters because it makes you sound good. You can learn to play dsus4 in just minutes and make your guitar playing sing.

What Do The Letters Mean?

The letters stand for “D suspended fourth.” This means that it’s a D chord with something added: the note 4 steps above the root note. In other words, a G note is added to a regular old D chord to make it more interesting. That’s right! All those songs you’ve been playing just use the same old chords over and over again, but they sound so good because they use different notes as well. The G note adds a whole new dimension to the sound of your guitar playing! Why not give it a try?

DSUS4 = D-S-U-S-4. What’s It Mean?

A blog about the meaning of dsus4 and how it relates to you.

The term dsus4 is used to describe a chord of the major scale. Although often used in rock, pop and jazz music, a dsus4 chord can be played in any genre.

If you’re a musician, you might have heard dsus4 at some point in your musical career. But do you know what it means? DSUS4 stands for D-S-U-S-4. The term “dsus4” is used to describe a type of chord within a major scale.

The term “dsus4” comes from the abbreviation for “degree” (do) and “suspended fourth”, which refers to the 4th note of the scale (sol). So when someone says they’re playing a “dsus4”, this means that they’re using their first finger instead of their third finger on the fourth string (unless otherwise indicated). The term “dsus4” comes from the abbreviation for “degree” (do) and “suspended fourth”, which refers to the 4th note of

This blog will explain the meaning of dsus4, what it means and how it relates to you.

The meaning of dsus4 is different for everyone. But it can be used by anyone. It is an acronym which stands for D-S-U-S-4.

I’d like to explore the meaning of dsus4 in this blog. What does it mean to you?

It means a lot to me. When I came across it, I had been searching for my purpose for what seemed like an eternity.

I’ve had many jobs in my lifetime. I worked as a dishwasher, then a waiter, and then a cook before working as an engineer. I was successful at all of them, but none of them made me happy.

I needed something more.

The day I found dsus4 was the day I realized what it meant to live a fulfilling life.

It’s easy to be happy when life is good. But what happens during the tough times? Can you still find joy when you’re in pain? That’s the true test of character.

I believe that if you want to be truly successful and happy, you must learn to love dsus4 no matter what happens in life. It’s not always easy, but if you stick with it, your life will become richer than you ever imagined possible.

dsus4 is an abbreviation for the musical term “D suspended fourth”. It’s a musical chord, but it’s also a philosophy.

It’s important to understand that the dsus4 is more than just a musical chord. It describes an entire way of life. It’s about thinking big, but also about being humble. It’s about taking risks and pushing the envelope, but it’s also about respecting tradition and doing things the old-fashioned way.

The dsus4 has been used by many popular musicians in their songs:

“Money” by Pink Floyd

“Piano Man” by Billy Joel

“Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette

“Take On Me” by A-ha

“Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi

Dsus4 is a sus4 chord. It is also a guitar chord, and you can use it to make your acoustic guitar sound really cool!

What’s it mean?

Dsus4 is a combination of the letters D, S and U. S stands for “standard” and U stands for “unusual.” The symbol, 4, stands for the fourth fret of your guitar. The word “sus” means “substitution,” but you don’t have to know what that means–it’s just jargon!

How do I play Dsus4?

You can play this chord on any guitar. You need only three fingers: your index finger, your ring finger and your pinky finger. Place these fingers on the third fret of strings 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

What does Dsus4 sound like?

Play the chord and listen to it ring out! You might be surprised by how cool it sounds!

If you’re using a capo on the 2nd fret, you can use the Bm shape and it would be Csus4. If you’re on the 5th fret, E shape = Fsus4. If you’re on the 7th fret, G shape = Asus4.

Dsus2 (D-S-U-S-2) is very similar to Dsus4 except that it’s missing one of the notes in the chord. It’s just D and A, no G. However, there is a common substitution that works well for this chord, and it’s called “Dadd9.” It looks like this:

You’ll notice that there are only 2 actual differences between these two chords – one note in the bass and an additional note in Dadd9. The Dadd9 sounds pretty much like Dsus2 (same basic chord with one added note), but it has more movement because of the bass note moving from D to A back to D.

A lot of times you’ll see this chord written as “Dsus2/A” since the bass note is what makes it different from just plain old Dsus2. You can play around with both versions to get a feel for how they

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