A Beginner’s Guide to Abasi Guitars

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Since it’s inception in 2008, Abasi Guitars has been steadily growing and refining its product line, garnering a loyal following base of players who demand the best. Perfection is the aim, but not perfection at all costs. Abasi Guitars feels that the balance between price and quality is the key to success. They are able to produce high quality guitars with many features that are normally only found on much higher priced instruments.

Abasi Guitars was founded by Tosin Abasi, 8-string guitarist of the instrumental band Animals As Leaders. The guitar he plays is built exactly to his specifications and needs, with an added emphasis on what most guitarists want. There are many custom options available for these guitars, making them completely customizable in terms of color, finish, hardware and more. Tosin wanted to build a guitar that would suit his needs as a solo artist, but also be flexible enough to serve the needs of any other musician who needed it.

And thus, Abasi Guitars was born!

So you’ve been eyeing Abasi Guitars for a while, but you can’t seem to make the leap from your Strat or Les Paul to the new, innovative designs. Well, here’s a quick guide on how to get into Abasi Guitars.

We all know that Abasi guitars are different than any other guitars out there right now. From their unique shapes, their sleek headstocks, and their radical concepts; they are unlike anything else on the market. But what makes Abasi guitars different from other guitars is that they are designed with the player in mind. With the patented Abasi baritone scale neck, these guitars are designed for comfort and playability. What’s more is that they come with pre-installed EMG pickups, so there is never a need to change them out! So if you’re thinking about switching to an Abasi guitar here are some tips:

1) Play it in person – The best way to decide on a guitar is to play it in person. This way you can make sure that it feels good and has the right sound. Luckily most music stores have them in stock and will let you try them out before you buy them!

2) Play around

Abasi Guitars is a guitar company that produces some of the most innovative guitars on the market today. The founder and mastermind behind Abasi Guitars is Tosin Abasi, a musician who played in Animals as Leaders, Reflux, and Caural. His passion for music led him to create a guitar that would allow him to achieve his goals as a musician.

Abasi Guitars has been featured in many popular magazines such as Guitar World, Premier Guitar, and Guitar Player. They have also been endorsed by several notable musicians like Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai. Their guitars are used by many professional players all around the world.

The guitars are built with top quality materials and are made to be comfortable and easy to play. The bodies are made of mahogany with a maple neck and ebony fingerboard. The body is finished with a black satin finish that gives it an elegant look and feel. The string spacing is set at 25″ scale length which allows you to get your fingers around the fretboard easier than if you were using a standard scale length guitar.*

Abasi Guitars is the brainchild of Tosin Abasi, a Nigerian-American musician. He has played for such bands as Animals as Leaders, Reflux and Caustic Attack.

His music is described as “progressive metal,” but he also plays jazz guitar, soul music and other genres.

He began playing guitar at age 12 when he was first introduced to it by his parents. They had bought him a classical guitar as a birthday present. His father, who was a professional musician himself, taught him how to play it by ear.

Abasi first started out playing metal riffs on his electric guitar before transitioning into metalcore and then finally prog metal after hearing Meshuggah’s “Bleed” album in 2007. His band Animals As Leaders has released two albums since their formation in 2009: “Weightless” (2011) and “The Joy Of Motion” (2014).

In this guide we’ll explore some of the most common techniques that Tosin uses in his music to create unique sounds on his 8-string Ibanez RG8-string guitars.”

The Abasi Concepts Standard 8 is an 8-string guitar featuring a neck through custom multi-laminate construction with a solid Canadian Maple center and Mahogany outer laminates. The neck is reinforced with two graphite bars running the length of the body. A two-way adjustable truss rod allows for both relief adjustments and string height adjustments to be made via the heel access port.

The body is designed to be comfortable for long periods of time and features rounded edges for increased comfort. The slightly arched top provides a smoother feel when playing up and down the neck along with an improved look.

The Standard 8 comes in at only 7lbs, making it one of the lightest guitars in its class.

Adaptive Loadout: The Abasi Pathos Distortion is a high gain distortion pedal built for serious players. It has a 3 band EQ, a Presence control for the upper mids, and a Mid switch that changes the voicing of the mid scoop. Abasi Pathos Distortion features an Adaptive Loadout that allows you to change the clipping diodes between LED and Silicon, to switch between asymmetrical and symmetrical clipping modes.

Pathos Distortion Features:

Adaptive loadout (LED / Silicon)

3 band EQ (Bass / Mids / Treble)

Presence control

Mid switch (changes mid scoop voicing)

Volume control with boost function / true bypass switching

Welcome to my blog, a place where I will be posting frequently about the guitars that I use in my band Animals as Leaders. I will discuss my technique and how you can use it to improve your playing, as well as posting free lesson videos at least once a week.

All of the music you will hear on here is completely improvised – I never plan exactly what I’m going to play, and it’s all done in one take.

My band has recently released our second album Weightless which is available in stores now (and for download on iTunes).

I want to thank you for reading this blog, and hope that you’ll find the content interesting.

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