6 Ways to Take your Holiday Pictures from Ugly to Nice

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In our family, the holidays are a time of coming together and taking family photos. As the years go by, we notice how everyone changes and how new cousins come along. We also notice how our photography skills don’t improve as much.

I’m here to help you take your holiday pictures from ugly to nice! These are my 6 top tips for better quality holiday photos:

Use a tripod—you’ll need it when you have a whole bunch of people trying to be in one picture. Use the timer—we all know what this does and it’s very useful when you have a lot of people trying to be in one picture Use higher resolution—if you’re able to go from 4 megapixels to 8 megapixels on your camera, do it. The higher the resolution, the better quality your photos will be. Use flash—if you’re inside taking a photo, use flash because too much light can make your camera confused about how much to expose for so that everything isn’t either white or black. Make sure everyone is ready—when you have 20+ people in one photo, it’s important to make sure everyone is looking at the camera and saying “cheese” at the right time. Take multiple shots—the more times you take a

If you’re like me, you hate taking ugly holiday pictures. You know the kind: horrible lighting, blurry, and everyone in the family looks like they just crawled out of bed. But this year, you can change that with these six simple tips:

1. Use natural light whenever possible.

2. Ask your subject to smile more naturally by asking them a question rather than telling them to smile.

3. Get closer! Most people take pictures too far away and then wonder why they’re so blurry.

4. Tidy your background so that it enhances your picture rather than detracts from it.

5. Use different heights to add interest to your photo (have people sit on stairs or stand on them).

6. Make sure your camera is properly focused before taking the picture!

Even if you don’t have the best camera, there are techniques you can use to take better quality pictures for your family holidays. Follow these six tips and see how effective they are!

1. Shoot during the Golden Hour

The golden hour is the time of day when the sun isn’t too bright or too dim, but just right. This can happen right after sunrise or right before sunset. The light is more yellowish than at midday, and it will cast a beautiful glow on your subjects. If you can shoot during this time of day, do so! If not, make sure you’re at least shooting outside and not in your house.

2. Use a Camera with a High ISO Rating

If you have a camera that shoots well in low light situations, like the iPhone 10 or Samsung Galaxy S9, then you’ll be able to get great shots even when it’s darker outside. Make sure your camera has a high ISO rating and that you understand how its low light settings work before heading out to shoot pictures of your family.

3. Use Natural Light

You’ll want to turn off any artificial lights in the room because they won’t look as good as natural light from outside (or even indoor lighting). If it’s too dark outside

1. Go outside!

Just like with any other picture, you should take your holiday photos outside when possible. The natural light will make for a better quality image and will help bring out the colors in your photos.

2. Use a Tripod

It’s best to use a tripod when taking pictures outside. This way, you can keep the camera still and avoid any blurry pictures. You may also be able to capture more people if you use a tripod to get everyone in the shot.

3. Use a Selfie Stick

While some people are against selfie sticks, they can actually be very useful when capturing moments with family and friends during the holiday season! Having one of these can be helpful so that you don’t have to hold your arm out the entire time while trying to get everyone in the photo; instead, you can just focus on enjoying the moment.

4. Capture Moments

One of my favorite ways to capture memories is by taking candid photos of family and friends during holidays and special occasions! These are great because they show real smiles and expressions as opposed to forced ones, which usually look fake in photos. Just make sure not to miss anyone out of the shot by using your zoom feature before taking a picture!


1. Set your camera to the highest resolution possible.

2. Use natural lighting.

3. Take pictures close up and zoom in later with your computer if need be. This makes it easier to see the detail of objects you are taking pictures of.

4. Take multiple pictures at different angles and distances from various objects and people, including yourself. Also take a few different poses for each picture! You don’t want a bunch of identical photos or else it will get boring and you will have to delete some of them later when you look through them on your computer.

5. Be sure to capture important moments during the day – don’t just snap every single little thing that happens but try not to miss anything major either!

1. Get the right equipment

2. Take the picture from the right angle

3. Use the correct filter

4. Adjust the shutter speed

5. Use a tripod

6. Edit the photo when you’re done

**1. Get a tripod**

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If you have shaky hands, it is more important than ever to get a tripod. If you can’t afford one, make a cheap one! (There are plenty of DIY tutorials on the internet)

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