10 Mistakes You Are Making When Using a Guitar Stand and How To Fix Them

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Hello, I’m the Guitar Stand Guy. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time with guitar stands and I had the chance to try many brands and models.

In this blog post I will explain ten mistakes that you are probably making when using a guitar stand and how to fix them.

1. Using a cheap guitar stand

When it comes to guitar stands, you get what you pay for. This is my number one rule in life: You get what you pay for. That’s why you should never buy anything below 100 dollars and only buy from trusted brands like Fender or Gibson, that are known for their excellent guitar stands.

I’ve seen too many guitars fall from cheap Chinese-made guitar stands and get damaged. It’s not worth it! If you really care about your guitars, make sure that you always use a good quality guitar stand from a trusted manufacturer!

2. Not using enough guitar stands

You should never leave your guitars without a stand nearby! Even if you’re not playing them, they should always be on a stand just in case someone wants to play them! A friend of mine once put his new PRS on the floor because he was too lazy to walk over to his guitar stand and as soon as he left the

In this article we will be covering the top 10 mistakes you are making when using a guitar stand and the best ways to fix them.


Guitar stands are an essential tool for any guitarist. They not only provide a safe and reliable place to rest your guitar, but they also make it easy to pick up your guitar and start playing whenever you want.

However, most guitar stands are not without their flaws. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes people make when using a guitar stand and how to fix them:

1. Not using a guitar stand at all

This is by far the most common error I see with people who own guitars. It’s understandable why someone wouldn’t use a stand – they can be expensive, they take up space in your home or studio, and they’re just one more thing to haul around with you when you travel.

However, if you’re serious about playing the guitar, then it should be treated like any other serious hobby or profession: you need tools that will help you do your job better/play better. And one of those tools is a good quality stand for holding your instrument when you’re not holding it yourself!

2. Not using enough stands

If you have more than 1-2 guitars (or even if you don’t), then it’s worth investing in another stand or two so that each instrument has its own dedicated resting place in between

If you use a guitar stand as a novice, it’s very likely that you are making some mistakes. This blog is going to go through what some of the common mistakes are and how to fix them.

The first mistake is that most people do not use their stands properly. They use them for one purpose, and then discard them once they have outlived their usefulness. It’s important to learn how to use the stand properly so you can get more out of your money.

The second mistake that most people make is they don’t take the time to clean the guitar properly before putting it on the stand. The guitar should be cleaned every time before you put it on the stand. If it isn’t cleaned properly, it will start to rust and look bad, which will be very bad for your guitar playing skills.

The third mistake that many people make is they don’t take care of their stands. You need to keep them clean and in good shape so your stand won’t damage your guitar at all.

Using a guitar stand improperly can cause the finish to fade, or worse yet, the guitar to fall. Here are 10 mistakes that you are probably making with your guitar stand:

1) Tightening too much: In order to keep your guitar from falling over, you need to make sure that the clamps are locked down. But don’t tighten them too much! Not only will it be difficult to get your instrument on and off of the stand, over tightening can damage the finish of your guitar.

2) Loosening too much: If you have ever had your guitar fall off of its stand then you know how important it is to have a tight grip on your instrument.

3) Leaving strings unattended: When not in use, keep your stringed instrument in a case. This will prevent dust from collecting and damaging the finish of your guitar.

4) Leaving out in the open: Your guitar is safe from dust if its in a case, but what about accidents? Even if you don’t have kids or pets running around, you never know when something could happen that would destroy your instrument.

5) Storing on carpet flooring: Why not just leave it out on carpet? Carpets collect a lot of

There is a huge variety of guitar stands to choose from. There are stands for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, and classical guitars. This makes the “best” guitar stand difficult to define.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that you are looking for a guitar stand that is portable, inexpensive and suitable for all guitars.

Here are 10 mistakes you should avoid when using a guitar stand:

1. Choosing the wrong type of guitar stand

2. Not using a strap when playing standing up

3. Standing too far away from your guitar

4. Using a handheld tuner instead of a pedal tuner

5. Not using an instrument cable with right angle plug

6. Letting your guitar bang against other instruments (or walls)

7. Not using a cover when transporting your guitar on a bike or in the car

8. Leaving your guitar in a hot place like the trunk of your car or on an amplifier under direct sunlight

9. Not putting away your strings and picks after every use

10. Not cleaning & polishing your guitar regularly

I’ve seen a lot of guitarists use the stand. I have to say, a lot of them have been using it wrongly. In this article I’ll list down the top 10 mistakes guitar users make and how to fix them.


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